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What You’ll Get During Your 

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Sometimes we need a little help from our friends and I'm excited to be that friend supporting you. The entire Legacy Unleashed team (including my mom Toniraye) has a vision that not just our family succeed but that every student we work with is successful - This includes YOU!

You need to know: There’s no "Playing Around" fluff here. The Potential to Results strategy (which includes your FREE 30 minute session with me) is about your core financial strengths and/or weakness. Be prepared, this 1 on 1 session is all about getting you where you want to go. Together, we're going to knock down whatever's been holding you back and get the results you've wanted - but haven't been able to achieve on your own.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

If we don't know where you are - We can't determine what path to take next.

When you Schedule your FREE Call with Coach Gregory you will be asked to review and fill out a short questionnaire. Knowing your future goals and current starting point allows us to discuss realistic possibility.


Set the FOUNDATION for your business.

"Deep Dive" discussion about options and choices open to your future.

Vital preparation to Move from Raw Potential to Committed Action.

Discover exactly which marketing entrance and exit strategies are next for your financial and knowledge readiness level.

Get clear on the tools and resources you need.


You will be informed and ready to choose your path.

Begin Real World Field Actions and move  into sharp focus.

You will be clear on what works - what doesn't - and what's next.

You are part of our Legacy Unleashed Family and will be invited to FREE student support webinars and success tools.

The Legacy Unleashed Family

Three Generations of Wealth Building:

Toniraye - "thank God for mom"

Coach Gregory - It's been 20+ years since mom taught me. I taught my son Greg Jr. and now we are teaching the 4th generation of our family.  We had circumstances but we conquered our fears by taking action. 

You might be a busy professional with little time.

You might have worked hard - tried in the past - yet now find yourself with financial circumstances.

There are plenty out there to tell you that your "circumstances"  say not now. 

Our Family Is Here To Support Your "YES YOU CAN"

Why They Recommend Having a

Free Consultation Call


Texas Attorney

As an experienced attorney I thought I had the "knowledge" I needed. BUT, learning from Greg was more than book smarts. It was people and relationships smart. It was me getting out of my rut of working long hours and never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. For me, it was priceless. The education I got gave me the confidence and knowledge to build my business safely and quickly


Florida Full Time Entrepreneurs

1 on 1 mentoring from Coach Gregory is like drinking out of a fire hydrant. So much that it knocked me off the fence and into action. My wife and I are very excited. Though we have a great deal to learn. Coach is there to help show the way.


Texas Entrepreneur

Coach Gregory didn't just teach me to make some money. He showed me how to move through fear and build a life I'm happy to live. I am proud to call Greg my business mentor and coach.

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